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Our History

Grace Presbyterian Church of Fort Payne, Alabama, was formed in 1986 when several families of committed Christians of various fellowships found themselves united in an effort to serve God more effectively through adherence to God's Word. The Bible, God's Holy Word, is the unshakable foundation of our beliefs.


We became affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America because of our belief that God's plan involves Christians working together by His power to accomplish greater things. Early teaching included an in-depth study of the Westminster Confession of Faith, led by David Hammond of Westminster PCA in Huntsville, AL. Our mission pastor for almost two years was Ray Dameron of Lookout Mountain, Georgia, and Covenant College.


Initial meetings of this body were in homes; for a short period, worship was held at Howard's Chapel in Mentone. Once remodeling was completed on the former J.C. Penney building in downtown Fort Payne, this became our church home. In January 1996 we moved into a new facility located at 5760 Gault Avenue, NW, located on the Valley Head Highway north of Fort Payne High School. In April 2000 dedication services were held for the new sanctuary and offices.


In addition to the men mentioned above who helped ground us in the Scriptures, we have been faithfully served by seven pastors to this point in our history: Brad Stewart (December, 1988, through September, 1990), Stewart Jordan (May, 1991, through July, 1995), Gordon Lewis (January, 1996, through July, 2001), Ben Konopa (March, 2002, through May, 2004), Billy Dempsey (June, 2005, through August 2011), John Mathieu (May 2013 through March 2019), and Dave Latham who accepted the call in April of 2019.  

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