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Online Giving is Now Available

Now through the end of May, our denomination (the PCA) has graciously offered to set up online giving for churches.

Here is a general overview of how the process works:
1.      The PCA Foundation creates a Single Charity fund for your church and then provides a dedicated link to a secure online giving page just for that fund.
2.      The giving system allows for Automated Clearing House and credit card contributions, but can be limited to only ACH contributions, if desired, to avoid credit card merchant fees.
3.      The church deploys on its website and in any other notification it desires a link to the dedicated online giving page.  The PCAF will provide for your consideration and use default text to accompany the link.
4.      All gifts are to the PCAF.  The PCAF will provide a year-end receipt to the donor for tax purposes.
5.      Once a week, the PCAF will make a grant to your church of the balance in the Single Charity fund.  The PCAF will distribute the funds by ACH, or if for some reason ACH is not an option, the PCAF will mail a check to the church.
6.      In conjunction with the weekly grant, the PCAF will provide to the church a summary of all the underlying gifts it received into the Single Charity fund.  The report will provide notice to the church if the donor gave a suggested designation.
7.      There is no cost to the church through the end of May.  However, it is important to understand all grants made to the church resulting from a credit card contribution, will be granted net of merchant card processing fees.  Merchant card fees range from 2.5% to 3.5% depending on the card provider.

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